Paska. (Band)

is soulful music in English, Swiss German and German. It represents pop with a generous dose of folk, a dash of RnB and the inescapable amount of humour and authenticity.

Pascale aka Paska. is the composer and singer and plays the guitar.

On board with her: Matthieu Pérot (trombone), Georg Kostron (bass), Moritz Land (guitar)

Her album will be released coming fall. Feel free to get the latest news by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Pascale moves in several musical settings, finding her background in various genres and traditions. As a vocalist she specialises in improvisation, always using her voice as an instrument, exploiting its facets, examining its capability.

Pascale is regularely working as a studio singer. She has been playing the violin for many years and is experienced as a teacher for vocal improvisation and song interpretation. To get more information about the training feel free to enquire.


Former bands:

Make A Move     Dance Craze Funk, Berlin, 2015-2017 / album release 2017


Papaceluma     Funk/Fusion, Basel, 2000-2013 / album release 2012


The soundcloud shows a selection of recordings (different formations).